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Raymond Cripps is an American-Australian indie game developer, known for his upcoming game Project Feline.​

I am an autodidact and learned to illustrate, write, design, code, film and compose from a young age. I didn't have many friends growing up so I spent my childhood dreaming up characters and worlds which I'm working to bring to life. I started out in the games industry doing art, design and music for indie games including Sky Jump (2016), Slime Slayer (2016), Planet Punch (2016), Blade Construct (2019) and Guardian's Call (2019), while solo-developing my first concept game, Brielle (2017).

I'm currently making Project Feline, an anime-style parkour action game. I document my journey as an emerging game developer through my ongoing devlogs and livestreams.


After starting and stopping over a dozen projects, I found it was easy to give up after the initial excitement faded. I was tired of being a quitter, so I started my devlog to journal my progress so that when I felt like quitting, I could look back on the work I did to motivate me to keep going. What I didn't expect was that over 100 thousand people would jump on this journey with me! I consider myself so fortunate that my videos have resonated and inspired so many people, and that inspires me to continue grinding to bring Project Feline to release.

I make everything in my bedroom. If you want to know what tools I use to make games, draw digital art, edit videos, and produce music, visit my gear list.

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