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Raymond Cripps is an American-Australian independent game developer, graphic artist and musician, known for his work on Project Feline.​

Raymond has had an interest in character design, programming, filmmaking and music from a young age. In 2014, Raymond independently released his first album, Clouds, followed by his first EP, Moonrise. In 2016, Raymond began composing music and designing characters for video games, including Slime Slayer for Android, followed later that year by Sky Jump for PC.


In 2018, Raymond began developing Project Feline, an anime-style action game, while also producing devlog videos on YouTube to chronicle the game's development. These devlog videos have served as an inspiration for tens of thousands of aspiring developers, providing an informative and thorough look into the joys and hardships of game development.​ In 2020, Raymond began livestreaming his development process, cultivating a committed and supportive community who tune in weekly to watch his creative process.